Suzanne Vega Performs Virtual Concert Within Second Life

MMO's (Multi-Player Online) Game [or MMORPG ( Role Playing Games)] offer people to present themselves through an online environment via an avatar.

I am fascinated by how businesses may eventually use this technology.

It is clear that there is Real Money Trade (RMT) in online gaming, but not clear what transition will give us all the ability to do business through our avatar.

In the mean time, it was nice to hear of this first live concert via avatar. Suzanne Vega ( did this through The Infinite Mind ( within the online gaming environment of Second Life (

There was a video clip of the concert at You Tube, but was removed by the user.

Wired covered this at

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Businesses are embracing the new technology of avatars within MMORPGs. This exciting development will merge with virtual worlds, becoming common-place, to the point where one day we may all have an "avatar" representing us. Let us just hope that we as individuals control how avatars of us might be used or required.



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