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Tips to Help You Reduce Your Unsubscribe Rate for Mailing Lists

An e-mail list can be an incredibly effective tool for reaching out to customers or clients who have worked with you in the past or expressed interest in your product or services. It can also be a big waste of time if your unsubscribe rate is very high, and people aren’t actually seeing your messages.

Use these e-mail marketing tips from MediaFirst to help reduce your unsubscribe rate so you can get your message out there:

    Don’t flood everybody’s inbox. While e-mail can help you promote your business, nobody wants to hear about it every single day. Chances are you don’t have anything important to announce on a daily basis, either. Only contact customers when you have something significant to offer, and avoid doing that more than twice per week. 

    Target select portions of your e-mail list instead of just creating general e-mail blasts designed for everybody on the list. You’ll have higher conversion rates, make more sales and end up with fewer people getting annoyed that you’re just trying to attract business any way you can, even if it’s bothersome. 

    Don’t send e-mails that don’t really mean anything. Customers and clients don’t want to feel like their time is being wasted, and that’s a pretty quick way to get people to search for and use the unsubscribe button. 

    Consider incorporating a feature into your e-mail list that will allow users to receive less e-mail and offers from you. Believe it or not, many customers might want to continue getting messages from you – just a lot less frequently. Make this easy on the customer and include it on a page before they have a chance to fully unsubscribe. 

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