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What is Facebook Graph Search ... and What Does it Mean for Your Business?

Facebook recently unveiled its newest tool called Graph Search.

Graph Search is designed to give users highly targeted information. For example, a Facebook user could ask Graph Search “Who are my friends that live in my city and like sushi?” A specific answer instead of links would appear, just like a search engine. Then searchers can continue to use filters to narrow their results. In addition, users can search for pictures as well, with a query such as “photos of my friends taken at beaches.

According to an article on Bloomberg Businessweek, Graph Search is being hailed by the company as a great leap forward in search and social media marketing. Currently, Graph Search is still in the beta stage and is being rolled out to a small segment of users to gather data and fine-tune the product before a full-blown release.

Although Facebook has yet to announce any of the expected social media marketing products tied to Graph Search, the product is positioned to deliver what every business dreams of micro-targeting. Micro-targeting, which traditionally requires extensive consumer research and analysis, provides businesses with the information needed to reach their precise market segment and develop the most compelling messaging. Micro-targeting has been shown to help organizations achieve significant success with their marketing goals.

Although Facebook’s Graph Search is still in its infancy, it shows promise as a potential tool to help businesses reach more targeted consumers, while utilizing fewer resources. In the meantime, for help finding your target customers you can contact MediaFirst.

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