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Why You Should Have A Blog | MediaFirst Blog | Wil Caruso

Many Have A Company Blog Or Personal Blog

You may have noticed that many companies are blogging more seriously. There is a good reason for it, too. As everyone uses the internet for marketing, you need ways for people to find you and want to come back. Having a blog has many benefits for your company, cause, or whatever you are trying to promote. 

Here are a few reasons why you should have a blog:

A blog gives potential consumers a reason to come back

Having a blog, which is being updated frequently gives people a reason to keep coming back to your site. When you are constantly providing content, people are more interested in investing time into you.

Having a blog will increase your Google page rank

When you have a blog, you will put out a lot of keywords that Google will use to rank your page helping people find it. When you have many blog posts it will help bring more people to your website.

Gets people involved

Having a blog that is informative and interactive is key, you want people to be involved with your company and develop a bond with you. Having people comment on your blog will also show you who's interested in your content, and responding to blog comments instills a sense of trust and credibility to your potential consumers.

It will help you learn more about your own field

When writing a blog post you always want to provide the best quality content you can, because your credibility is on the line. Even though you already know almost all the information you are posting about, you will do extra research about it too and see others opinions on it. Also when writing down what you already know also helps you learn it better yourself. 

These days, having a blog is essential, key to having a successful business. Without a blog, you are missing out on a lot of web traffic, and only hurting yourself. Blogs are no longer just for people with hobbies, they are great business tools for getting attention and support. Do yourself a favor and have one. 

Your blog will generate leads

Today, yes literally today, we got a lead because the Social Media Examiner recognized our blog in a story, "Top 10 Social Media Blogs: The Winners!" The lead wasn't even for blogging, but for awards and award opportunity management. Our HubSpot dashboard tracked the source of the inbound traffic from the website Blogging creates interest, proves what you know, and shows people that you can help.

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