The Value of Content Marketing & Cost per Engagement: Cost per Click, Cost per Customer

How Do We Measure ROI on Marketing & Sales

The value of content marketing, measured by cost per impression (an old and hated metric), average response rate (a guideline only), or cost per engagement varies wildly by the type of product or service, and whether a high-value B2B market or a low-value (maybe high volume) B2C market.

Content Marketing Success

The most successful companies now understand that high-quality content draws people in, builds trust, drives traffic, mobilizes social media sharing, and results in sales. With more and more businesses jumping on the content bandwagon, there will be even more competition for audience attention. That means it's more important than ever to make sure your content is useful, interesting, and engaging enough to draw readers in.

Today, Marketers Must Execute Across Many Channels

Marketing today requires that you execute across many frontline channels.

Many of these are competitive fronts are present across the internet and Web. Content marketing, social media, electronic commerce, and other marketing activities that were once stand-alone, now require integration.

Marketing Automation has integrated these activities as online visitors are attracted more effectively through search, social media, effective branding, and other factors now drive traffic to and through websites.

Jim Caruso of M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst PR - Atlanta, quoted in the media, Member of the Forbes Agency Council

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