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Citizen Journalism Today

Remember that in the US, you have the right to video any activity in a public space including the work of any public official. 

The public has recorded violence and crime, which makes a huge difference in proving wrongdoing.

The Pew Research Center is an excellent and trustworthy source of information on trends.

Elementary Social Media Strategies for the Business Owner: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and others

As a business owner, marketing your business today can be both costly and time consuming, and with social media strategies now becoming a major factor in your marketing effectiveness, you can no longer afford to ignore the impact this could have on your business.

Gartner Analysts Research The Social Media Market – Grows to $7.25B

According to a Gartner Analyst report, the size of the Social Media market grew to $7.25B, with a B! If you aren’t using social media, you need to be. Per Gartner, “In the next two years, the growing demand for advertising on social networking sites will bridge the gap between the cost per click on Facebook and that on other websites.”

Facebook Apps That Will Help Your Fan Page

Everyone from large businesses to local shops has a Facebook fan page now. You constantly find another business using a Facebook fan page to promote themselves. Having a Facebook fan page is a great way to get noticed and market yourself. If you want to have a successful fan page you will need some apps that will help you manage and communicate with your fans. In this blog post, we're going to discuss the best apps to use that will help your fan page: