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Elementary Social Media Strategies for the Business Owner: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and others

As a business owner, marketing your business today can be both costly and time consuming, and with social media strategies now becoming a major factor in your marketing effectiveness, you can no longer afford to ignore the impact this could have on your business.

There are many demands on your time in a day, and ensuring you stay up to date with what your clients and prospective clients are saying about you in the social media sphere is important on lots of different levels.

Many non-technical business people dismiss social media as not being important, and it is the business owner who suffers in the long term as their business becomes totally unresponsive to the viral nature and feedback of social networks.

Staying in touch with your clients, interacting on the social blogs, and social networks, while time consuming is imperative. I recommend devoting a specific time during your day to social media, even if it is only for half an hour in the morning before your business begins operations. This time can become an important part of your overall social media strategy by discovering what people and clients of your business are saying about you. It provides you the opportunity to respond, and provide your own feedback.

Gone are the days, where all communication was a one way street, and one bad customer couldn't really hurt your business. These days the businesses that are growing and prospering are those that show they are interacting with their customers. These have defined social media strategies, show concern about their customers’ thoughts, and respond promptly - are now prospering. Whether your tactics involve the use of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or others… you need to become involved! It doesn’t have to take over your life.  Definitely restrict the amount of time you spend on social networks, but don't pretend it is not effective or important. Ignoring social media in your business is tantamount to committing business suicide, especially these days.

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The author, QuiQue Lopez, directs business growth strategies and is a respected advisor to business owners.