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Content Marketing Firm Tips - Influencing Prospects

Prospective customers are spending more time on the web doing independent research via Google Search and other search engines.

Increasingly, buyers look toward friends, peers, influencers, and other third parties,  for guidance. They find this guidance on social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap, Pinterest, and others.

They find online influencers on that influencers blog or social media accounts. Influencers are sometimes paid by brands for promotion.

Capitalize Upon Your Customer's Social Media Time

Capitalize on Customer's Social Media Time

People spend a lot of time online every day. In fact, according to data collected by BroadbandSearch, people spend 144 minutes on average online every day in 2019. This is up an entire hour or 62% from 2012 Because of this, you should be taking advantage of their online presence by increasing your presence online. 

Social Media Success: Social Networking Sites & Social Media Marketing

Social networking has forever changed the way businesses and consumers interact. Today’s consumer doesn’t want to be sold on a product. With immediate access to the opinions and recommendations of trusted sources such as friends and family, your target audience is far less likely to rely on you as their first and only source of authoritative information.