Creating Calls to Action

I don’t know about you, but I spend lots of time online – and I have to make myself focus on the task at hand because everybody and his brother is vying for my attention with, “Visit this site,” “Watch this video,” etc. One click is all it takes to jump from one topic to another, and everyone is competing to get that click.

Marketers must learn how to break through the noise and garner more clicks. Calls-to-action are the tools to make this happen. They have the power to grab people’s attention and direct it to new topics. They are everywhere you go.

Calls-to-action appear in a variety of formats all over a web page or email. They appear as:

  • Invitations to subscribe to a newsletter or blog
  • Phone numbers
  • Enter this contest
  • Click Now!
  • Visit this site
  • Watch this video or webinar
  • Sign up (for something)
  • Request a demo
  • Download Now
  • And more!

CTAs should direct people to landing pages, where you can collect visitors’ contact information in exchange for a valuable marketing offer. In that sense, an effective CTA results in more lead generation and conversions for your website. In order to increase visitor-to-lead conversion opportunities and leads, you need to create a lot of calls-to-action, distribute them across your web presence, and optimize them.