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Factors Influencing Success in Change, Attributes of Innovation

I found this list many years ago and wish I knew who to credit. Let me know if you know. I adapted this for me.

Factors influencing success in change

Attributes of Innovation

Relative Advantage

The degree to which the innovation is perceived to improve upon existing solutions


The difficulty associated with mastering the new innovation

Strategies for Optimizing Attributes

Technology Improvement

Introduce a new technology that is more powerful than the existing technology.


Make sure the problem solved by the innovation is important to adopters.


Do not try to change too much at once or to please too many different types of users.

Customer Focus

Seek input from current and future adopters and design a solution that they want.


The difficulty / Developer Friendliness - Reduce the learning curve for developers of the associated with mastering the new innovation


The ability to experiment with the innovation before adopting it in normal innovation.

User Friendliness

Reduce the learning curve for adopters by making the innovation easy to learn and use.


Reuse as much of the old process and technology as possible.


Provide tutorials and demonstrations to potential users and managers. Publish useful information on Web pages and offer pointers to Early Adopters.


Reduce the cost of trial use.


Increase the likelihood that trial use will succeed.


The ease with which improvement is noticed after adoption of the innovation

Categories & Characteristics


Collect data about the old and new technologies for comparison.


Provide forums for adopters to describe their experiences.


Provide a side by side comparison by running two projects with the same goals, but with one using the old technology and the other using the new.

Let me know what you think and if you know the source. Thanks.