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HubSpot's Tips for Generating Tons of Leads via Social Marketing

Just as our lives are changing with the influx of the internet and social media, so are our businesses and our business solutions. The standard business model calls for having a brick and mortar location and going through the regular channels of marketing, which include print media, radio, and television spots. This standard model draws heavily upon capital and human resources. Now, with the internet, any business owner has access to channels of marketing with less capital and human investment than television advertisement or brick-and-mortar store operation.

Internet marketing may be readily available, but it's not simple to pull off. The competition for attention on the web makes it key to develop a strong marketing strategy to stand out. Hubspot, a social media marketing software company, revealed some of the strategies they have used to become so successful as a company.

  1. Create Quality Content- This is one of the biggest keys to standing out in search engine results. Quality content should be relevant, original, and interesting to read. If people enjoy your content, they will share it and Google will pick up on the fact that there is real human interest in your content.
  2. Quantity of Content- So long as your content is good, you cannot create too much of it. The more content you have, the more people will have access to read.
  3. Go Where the People Are- Google has a handy keyword tool that allows you to find out what sort of information people are seeking. You can use this knowledge to focus your content on relevant topics that people are currently interested in learning more about.
  4. Create Calls to Action- Calls to action give your readers some guidance in how to respond to your content, and they are valuable to lead conversion.

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