Jim Caruso of M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst PR - Atlanta, quoted in the media, Member of the Forbes Agency Council

3 Components of Quality Content for Inbound Marketing

3 Components of Quality Content for Inbound Marketing

Reach Your Potential Customer With These Inbound Marketing Strategy Must-Haves: Content Consistency, Content Frequency, & Content Quality

The definitions of inbound marketing strategy, inbound marketing tactics, and content strategy goals continue to evolve.

Why Online Marketing is so Hard

You’ve heard it before: it doesn’t matter how large your business is, you have to have an inbound marketing strategy. But online marketing is much more than just throwing up a website, writing a blog and setting up a business page on Facebook. In fact, a successful inbound marketing strategy can be quite hard.

 Transform Your Inbound Leads Into Loyal Customers

Inbound marketing is a long process that requires a number of steps. The first of which is to create qualified web traffic, and then to turn that traffic into leads. Many companies make the mistake of focusing all of their efforts on the first step. They will do this by implementing SEO techniques throughout their web pages and content, ignoring everything else. 

  If Your Email Marketing Isn't Working, Try These Fixes

An email marketing campaign is a good tactic to go with any marketing automation platform. Email marketing comes into play once you have captured your leads and are now trying to increase: awareness of your brand, knowledge of your value proposition, a prospects inclination to buy, and customer loyalty. If your email marketing is effective, then you close a higher percentage of leads. Business is about creating new customers, so marketing to help the sales process makes sense.

Gmail May Be Bringing More Images to Its Inbox

If an email marketing strategy is part of your inbound marketing campaign, then hopefully you’ve employed good email marketing practices in order to make your campaign as successful as possible. Fortunately, Google is implementing a new feature into Gmail that will allow you to use images for its promotions tab, thereby giving your emails a Pinterest-like look. Basically, Gmail will use an algorithm in order to choose an image from the body of your email to display in the reader’s inbox.

Jim Caruso of M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst PR - Atlanta, quoted in the media, Member of the Forbes Agency Council

Marketing Automation & Drupal

Leads. The economic downturn forced marketing organizations to do a better job communicating and quantifying their strategies, tasks, and success. Out of this has come tools to generate leads better and also at a lower cost. These tools are marketing automation. Well-implemented Marketing Automation increases revenues and profitability while lowering costs (or at least cost per new customer). Jim Caruso will cover why this is important to us.