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LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Agency Ideas To Better Market Your Business

LinkedIn Marketing Agency Ideas

Market You & Your Business Better on LinkedIn

Marketing your business on social media should be one of the key strategies of your online marketing campaign. Simply having a social presence isn’t enough. If your company has a presence on LinkedIn, which B2B companies should, then here are a few tips to help with your online presence.

Make the most out of your presence on LinkedIn with these tips:

Connect with almost everyone: Use LinkedIn to promote all your content, announce company events, support your sales, and recruit new staff members. The only reason to limit your connections is they are spam, fake, or irrelevant. Of course, connect with people you know through business or who can help you. Check their connections to see if they know people you know. It is a simple way to check on them. If someone with good intentions wants to connect with you, accept the request. 

 Some people on LinkedIn find that new connections spam them with sales offers. Disconnect from them if you want, just like you would unsubscribe from their email.

Thank your connections: When you connect with someone, thank them for making the connection. If you don’t know them, then you might share a piece of content you think might be useful to them. You can make a simple, non-sales pitch like your positioning statement or elevator pitch. 

Check profile views: Find everyone who viewed your profile. The people that view your profile could end up being future sales leads or employees.

Add blog content: If you’ve written a recent blog post, then put it on your profile so that it won’t wither away in your newsfeed. Basically, connections who weren’t online at the time you posted it will still be able to see and read it.

Comment: If someone in your network shares a piece of useful content, comment on it or share it. You should aim to make one comment a day–doing so provides you with more exposure to your brand.

Use these tips to help make the most of LinkedIn. For more tips on marketing your business on social media, contact us.