Use Social Media to Convert Fans to Customers

Use A Social Media Marketing Agency

Convert Fans to Customers Using Social Media 

With everyone "Like-ing" everyone else on social media, these days the era of intense social media marketing has quietly slipped into the public consciousness. Whether or not we want to admit it every time we scroll through some post or watch a video or share a celebrities witty remark about the Washington gridlock, we are participating in social media marketing.

The question for a business is how to turn these riveted eyes into dollars and cents

Targeted: Of course you're going to want the whole world to love you and maybe one day they will. For now, though, you should focus in on those social media fans who are most likely to walk into your shop, order your product or call for a quote on your service. Save the far reaches of the outback for your first world tour.

Get Involved: Just because you are the brand ambassador that doesn't mean you have to be like the Wizard behind the curtain and be shrouded from your customers. Social media marketing is all about getting involved with your fans, talking to your people, and building alliances firsthand. Don't keep your thoughts hidden! If you and your staff can answer questions about your product, get people thinking about your business, and make them feel something beyond a one-way transaction they're far more likely to call on you and your service.

Content is King: Another area that you should be honed-in on directly is content. It doesn't even have to be content directly related to your business but it should be relevant. If you can show people how your business intersects with other areas of their lives that's only going to broaden your base of customers.

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