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Video Marketing: Strategy, Tactics, Equipment, Content & Promotion

Video marketing is a great way to get the word out about your company. People like to do business with people they know. While you can convey your personality with text, video adds more human flavor and who you are. With video, people feel like they have actually met you in person. Some think they need a lot of expensive equipment or fancy skills to get into video marketing. This is not true at all. All you really need is a camera and a way to get your video on to the Internet. Have something to say, like your own observations about your industry, new tools or products or events. These will keep people motivated to watch your video. In the rest of this article you will learn hints and tips to help you with your video marketing strategy. What kind of equipment do I need to use video marketing to promote my business? As I said before you don't need fancy equipment to get your video on sites like and For all you know, you may already have the equipment you need. If you own a smartphone, you can use that to record video. You can even use that same phone to upload your video to You can also use a digital camera that records video as well as takes pictures, many of the new still cameras also take video, even HD video for display on the latest 1080p TVs. Even if you don't own a video camera, it is possible to get web videos online. If you can create a powerpoint presentation, you can create a video. Just narrate your slides, adding audio with a microphone, and upload it to Brainshark []. Brainshark converts your presentation to a format that video sharing sites will recognize. Then just upload your video. Once you have uploaded your video, be sure to spread the word about your video. Share it on your Facebook page, send via Twitter and add to your LinkedIn profile or post to LinkedIn groups Tell the people on your mailing list to watch it. It does you no good to have a video that no one knows exists. You can even add a link to your email signature or highlight the video in your next email campagin. What do I talk about in my video? You may be wondering what you're going to talk about in this video. That should be the easy part. You are making a video to establish expertise in your field. The video that you make should be either educational or should be something that you're making to get people familiar with you so they can feel like they know you. If you are making an educational video offer a tip. If you're making a “get to know you” video to share some information about what you did that day or what you're working on, the video does not have to be that long. Usually a few minutes is long enough. If you make a video that you think might be too long, you can always break it up into parts. People have a very short attention span these days. Sometimes they may be dealing with a very slow Internet connection, maybe on a mobile phone If your viewers have to wait a long time for your web video to load they will probably leave the site without watching it. Video marketing is a great tool to use to get the word out about your business. Your web video doesn't have to be that fancy. However, it does have to be compelling content that will help people. In that teaching process, they get to know and like you.