Public Relations of the 21st Century – moving to influence individuals via social media and blogging

Moving from relations with the public to relations with individuals

It is crucial for any business to run a public relations campaign in order to keep a positive image in the public eye. However, the traditional modes of running such a campaign are slowly becoming obsolete. That is why it is necessary for businesses to update their public relations campaigns for the 21st century, and tackle the new methodologies & tools, which include blogging and social media.

Jim Caruso of M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst PR - Atlanta, quoted in the media, Member of the Forbes Agency Council

Comment on the blog of Louis Gray "Does Anybody Care About Non-Blog Commenting Anymore?"

My comment: Great observation, since I've started using socialmedian and similar sites. Owning the content and comments is a big issue for any writer or publisher. Reply from Louis Gray Louis Gray 11 months ago in reply to Jim Caruso 1 person liked this. Owning the content and comments is a big issue for many authors, but not every author. What you're seeing is a metamorphosis between the old way of having siloed content and the new way of knowing the data can flow anywhere. The tricky part is knowing where it's going and determining whether to participate

Awareness of Blogging & RSS Feeds Is Low

Updated 21 July 2021

Pew Internet Trust Reports RSS Use & Awareness is Low

The Pew Internet Trust issued a report that finds a low understanding of the terminology surrounding the technology industry. Examples of words that are not well understood, include podcasting and RSS. New methods of generating awareness of your technology offerings may be readily available through these relatively new methods.