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Announce Your Company's Award In A Press Release

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Awards Leveraged By Media Relations

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Oh yeah, by the way, we win awards for our clients, not ourselves. It is part of how we stay focused on promoting your company. It is part of our low overhead (cost), so you get more for less.

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When you win an award, tell everyone. Let your sales team use this as proof of your product or service. Issue a press release or at least write a blog post about it. Leverage that content by posting it on social media. Maybe the organization that gave you the award issues a press release post that on social media, too.

As Seen In Forbes

Create A Press Release

A press release is ongoing proof of your company receiving recognition from customers and the industry. Press releases are distributed widely because of national (or international) syndication. You can keep this proof on your website. In addition, your company is free to post the award as news in your social media stream. All the award coverage is solid social proof.

- M1PR CEO, Jim Caruso, as quoted in Forbes

Winning awards gives your firm additional industry credibility via the third-party endorsement of the publications, trade shows, associations, and organizations that give awards.

B2B Award Marketing is best when you consider the benefit of making it part of a comprehensive B2B Marketing program.

Leverage Speaking Engagements In A Press Release, Too.

Awards and Speaking Engagements are often leveraged by Media Relations because many publications have award opportunities and are affiliated with conferences and trade shows that provide speaking engagement opportunities.

All these techniques prove your value and credibility in front of your targeted audiences with the third-party endorsement of the media.