B2B Article Marketing Is Part of B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing via B2B Article Marketing has two facets:

Magazines Are Accepting More Bylines

a.) The first is that more and more publications are accepting bylined articles from B2B Companies. In part, this reduces the cost of content for publishers, whether online publications, email newsletters, or print magazines. This is part of B2B Media Relations and involves pitching a story idea to an editor who assigns the story to you instead of an in-house reporter or writer.

B2B Blog Marketing Engages Your Audience Directly And With The Extended Reach Of Social Media Marketing

Blogging is becoming a critical path to B2B Marketing success. Blogs let you speak directly to your audiences of prospective customers. B2B Social Media extends the reach of your blog across the industry via LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIn Groups provide a forum to publish your blog posts. These blog posts generate inquiries and sales leads.

Make Blogs Easy To Share & Consume And Add CTAs

Blogs allow your audience to consume blog content directly, by an RSS feed, or via social sharing through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other networks.

Jim Caruso of M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst PR - Atlanta, quoted in the media, Member of the Forbes Agency Council

B2B Branding Delivers Brand Experience

Tools Include Blog Marketing, Content Marketing, Media Relations & Social Media

B2B Branding begins with an understanding of the experience, Brand Experience, that you wish your customers to have when they do business with you. Understand and shape the experience of your customer, whether consuming your product, engaging on LinkedIn, dealing with your customer service department or any other interaction with your firm.

B2B Marketing Best With Branding, Awards, Blog Marketing, Content Marketing, Conversions, Media Relations & Social Media

B2B Marketing is the complete package of marketing activities that creates awareness of your company in your B2B Market. A second step is to guide prospective customers to learn more about your firm and take steps, via a Marketing Lead Nurturing Program, to become customers or clients of your company.

In today's markets, it is increasingly necessary to cover all the bases of marketing, to implement a wider and more diverse set of marketing activities that together are reinforcing.