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B2B Blog Marketing Engages Your Audience Directly And With The Extended Reach Of Social Media Marketing

Blogging is becoming a critical path to B2B Marketing success. Blogs let you speak directly to your audiences of prospective customers. B2B Social Media extends the reach of your blog across the industry via LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIn Groups provide a forum to publish your blog posts. These blog posts generate inquiries and sales leads.

Make Blogs Easy To Share & Consume And Add CTAs

Blogs allow your audience to consume blog content directly, by an RSS feed, or via social sharing through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other networks.

Important features of modern blogs are social sharing tools, RSS feeds (subscribe buttons), tags (taxonomy), and an ability to leave a comment and interact with the author and other readers. Blog content can be enhanced with links to related content or drive lead generation through a Call-To-Action (CTA).

Make Blog Posts Easier On The Reader & You

Make it easier on yourself and your audience by bite-sized blog posts, maybe 300 - 400 words.

You need some sub-healines, H2, H3, H4, ... to break up the copy and highlight keywords in the Blog post.
The Keywords from the blog post should be in the title and/or subtitles

Bullets - Bulleted Lists: These, again, break text copy up into more readable segments and draw the reader down through the text. They are also easier to read and make the mass of text seem less daunting.

Make B2B Blog Marketing Part Of Your Broader, Marketing Mix

B2B Blog Marketing is a critical component of B2B Marketing, which can also include activities, such as B2B Branding, B2B Award Marketing, , B2B Content Marketing, B2B Conversions Marketing, B2B Media Relations, B2B Online Marketing, B2B Press Release Marketing, and B2B Social Media Marketing.