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Instagram Explodes – Allowing More Exposure for Brands

Instagram Getting More Exposure for Brands

As picture editing and sharing becomes more and more popular, Instagram has boomed from 15 million to 80 million users since the merge with Facebook back in April.

With such a huge boom in members, it is no wonder that brands are now using Instagram as a marketing tool. There are so many perks to using Instagram as a marketing tool:

  • It is a social network and photo editing tool

  • Encourages visual storytelling

  • Combines mobile and image-based technology

Instagram can attribute its success to the essence of simplicity. By limiting the focus of the users to photos only the user is not distracted by surrounding information or advertisement. While brands are in the beginning process of using simple photography to create a larger following, there needs to be attention paid to certain aspects of using Instagram for marketing.

Brands should pay attention to these 6 things to get the most out of Instagram:

  • Make your image tell a story about your brand.

Viewers should feel the experience happening in the picture, don’t use simple product placement ads.

  • Use pictures that are either beautiful imagery or humor

Viewers are more likely to follow members who post pictures that strike them as beautiful or very humorous.

  • Don’t overload your followers with posts.

Always remember High Value/Low Volume!

  • Use your Twitter handle – if it is available

Having the same account name and Twitter handle allows for your followers to find you more easily.

  • Don’t be creepy with the #hashtags

Using too many hashtags can make you seem like a spammer or like you’re trying too hard. On Instagram, there is no limit on character count so be careful not to overload your followers with every hashtag imaginable

  • Be sure your account is web-based viewer-friendly

Recently Instagram added the ability to view posts on the web through a shareable link, this will allow your Instagram stream to be seen by those who do not even have the application.

These simple six tips can truly help a brand to better utilize Instagram for its strong marketing capabilities. With all the different social media outlets that there are today, Instagram takes the prize for keeping things very simple which is where it draws its success.


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