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Making Press Releases Twitter Ready


Remember when you were a child and you sat in a circle and one person whispered something into the ear of the child next to them and this continued around the circle until the message came back to the original speaker? Was the message ever the same? Rarely!

This is what happens sometimes when we issue a press release. Journalists may trim your press release to a few sentences. With twitter, well-intentioned followers will reinterpret your release into less than 140 characters, potentially causing the message to be garbled and lose its full meaning.

What can you do to make it easier for people to pass on your message?

Suggest a Twitter-Ready Post by adding a set of words to the bottom of your press release that enables tweeters to pass on your message without distorting the meaning. 

Some tips for writing these Twitter-Ready Posts: 

  • Forget the flowery language – concentrate on the facts 

  • Use an appropriate hashtag 

  • Include a url pointing to the full copy of the media release 

  • Keep it to 120 characters in total to allow for unedited retweeting 

  • Don’t be afraid to use abbreviations – speak the language of your Tweeps.