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Why Your Business Really Needs an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Not every company has jumped onto the inbound marketing bandwagon as of yet. If you’re still thinking about whether or not you want to put your company’s resources into creating an inbound marketing strategy, then you should consider the advantages inbound marketing has to offer. 

The following are a few reasons why NOT considering an inbound marketing strategy could be a huge disadvantage:

  • More cost-effective: Outbound marketing strategies tend to cost much more money, plus they aren’t nearly as effective. When it comes to cost per lead, inbound marketing has outbound marketing beat. According to a number of studies within the industry, the majority of marketers believe that around 34% of all their company’s leads come from inbound marketing strategies. Last year, the companies that these marketers worked for received 54% more leads compared to their outbound marketing strategies. Choosing to put your resources into an inbound marketing strategy will help you achieve lower costs per leads.
  • Build relationships: Outbound marketing is a one-way street. You can’t develop a relationship with your consumer base. Inbound marketing is very much based off of developing a relationship with your customers. For example, through the use of email campaigns, you can stay connected with past and current customers alike with information about new services or products. And through social media, you can answer questions and take feedback directly from consumers.
  • The sales cycle: Past marketing strategies required the use of a sales representative to complete a long sales cycle. With inbound marketing, consumers can simply use the information you have provided on your blogs and social media pages. By offering helpful content, you’ll entice consumers to come to you, which ends up saving both time and money.

These are a few reasons why creating an inbound marketing strategy is essential. For more information about inbound marketing, contact us at MediaFirst.

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