Jim Caruso of M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst PR - Atlanta, quoted in the media, Member of the Forbes Agency Council

Content Marketing Firm Tips - Influencing Prospects

Prospective customers are spending more time on the web doing independent research via Google Search and other search engines.

Increasingly, buyers look toward friends, peers, influencers, and other third parties,  for guidance. They find this guidance on social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap, Pinterest, and others.

They find online influencers on that influencers blog or social media accounts. Influencers are sometimes paid by brands for promotion.

Writing Articles That People Will Read

Listening to a HubSpot webinar yesterday on content marketing, it discussed how we all are becoming publishers. I thought, to become publishers, we must be writers first, or at least know the right content that our target audience wants to read. We must write articles that are interesting and will engage readers. But this takes time, energy, and creative juices.

Jim Caruso of M1PR, Inc. d/b/a MediaFirst PR - Atlanta, quoted in the media, Member of the Forbes Agency Council

Atlanta Marketing Organizations

Local Groups For Marketing, Content, Social Media, Blogging, Web Design & Lead Generation We are an Atlanta Marketing Agency and offer this list of Organizations for Marketing, Content, Social Media, Blogging, Web Design & Lead Generation Atlanta Marketing Organizations Here are a few places you may find me discussing marketing, advertising, technology, social media, and web design:

Does Your Content Marketing Campaign Need a New Goal?

What are the Goals of Content Marketing?

Without establishing a specific goal for your content marketing strategy, it’s hard to determine whether you are getting results or not. Unfortunately, when it comes to setting goals, many companies go way too broad. They’ll make their goal to increase brand awareness, or to increase the number of leads that they generate. While this is what the outcome of your content marketing strategy should be, they will happen as a result of meeting smaller goals. 

Figure Out Your Strategy for Success With Content Marketing

If you have never designed a content market strategy before, or have struggled to do so effectively, you may feel intimidated by what can seem like a complicated process. In fact, content marketing is relatively simple, and the same steps apply to any strategy, no matter your field, type of business, or size of company.

No Business is Too Small to Benefit From Content Marketing

Content marketing is something you hear about in every major trade journal and articles on the web talking about how you can help your business grow. However, if you’re running a small operation you might not think you have the money or ability to get involved in content marketing in a way that generates real business for you. The truth is that this type of marketing can help you grow and expand even if you’re a single person operation working with a very small budget.

The Value of Content Marketing & Cost per Engagement: Cost per Click, Cost per Customer

How Do We Measure ROI on Marketing & Sales

The value of content marketing, measured by cost per impression (an old and hated metric), average response rate (a guideline only), or cost per engagement varies wildly by the type of product or service, and whether a high-value B2B market or a low-value (maybe high volume) B2C market.